Reservoir tanks

Water reservoir tanks made in galvanized steel

WATER is one of the biggest problems of 21st century. SIAP has developed its Water tanks as an alternative for satisfaying the needs of:irrigation tank

– irrigation
– cattle
– drinking water
– feed industries
– industrial applications
Suitable to any zone and type of soil.
Water tanks are built in galvanized steel sheets that are assembled with bolts. The sheets joining areas are sealed with an special weatherproof mastik.
A layer of waterproof paint made of cement and resins is applied on each bolting line to give a better watertightness.
Finally, to obtain a perfect finishing, it is applied a priming paint on all inner surface and a waterproof painting on all inner bolting lines

tanque 3
– Open top
– Closed with antialgae liner (against sea weeds appearance)
– Closed with metallic roof
– With pvc liner bag inside the tank