Greenhouse construction SIAP company develops in its facilities, all types of greenhouses as, according to customer needs, type of crop and climatology of the area.

So as viable design depending on the type of state subsidy of each country, and thus reduce investment costs for our customers.

Model 9.60 meters, distance between pillars

General Characteristics

High quality materials
High resistance to strong winds
High crop load resistance

High resistance to snow load
Distance between inner pillars 5 m
Distance between pillars from 2.5 until 5 m
Channel height up to 5 m
Height to ridge up to 7 m


Greenhouse double plastic film inflate 

Better isolate than any other cover type greenhouse
Less investment cost than glass and polycarbonate greenhouses
Better result in cooling system than glass and polycarbonte greenhouses     More than 4 years plastic life due steel is not in contact with external plastic film