Air-Fog System for Greenhouses

Air-Fog System for temperature and humidity control and application of plant protection products , to facilitate work in the greenhouse , reducing labor costs and human errors in the application of pesticides.

Essential equipment for Dry Areasfog

Increases production and product quality for greenhouse
Indispensable in areas with low humidity as desert climates for greenhouse plants, keeping optimum relative humidity for crops and lower temperature during time hours of maximum heat and high radiation.
Reduces the appearance of pests such as red spider (very dangerous in flower crops, peeper and others)

Equipment developed in the facility SIAP SL, temperature and humidity control with application of pesticides and foliar fertilizers.


– Manual or automatic activation with SIAP ControllerSin título
– Automatic through humidity and temperature sensor , or by schedule
– Selectors (M -off- A) for each valve
– It is air-water system
– Applicable from small to large surfaces (from 1000 m2 up projects of more than 10 ha )
– Adaptable to all types of facilities
– Taylored in number of sectors as customer needs
– Individual Greenhouses or separate compartments as keep the project
– Perfect distribution of moisture or the application of pesticides

compresorSpray nozzles for air and water mixing
– Spray nozzles each one with separate filter
– Inexpensive and easy to handle
– Maintenance free, Does not work with high pressures

– Tank mixing PE for product application 1000L
– Pipe , fittings and connections including




Greenhouse, humidity control and pest application
Chicken farms
Marvel and stone factories
Wood factories
Any other kind of factory to avoid explosions due to dust accumulation