Climate control for Greenhouses ( And poultry farm)

– Ability to adapt to all types of facilities.

-Powerfull industrial PLC capable to control more than 20 ccompartments individual greenhouse, unlimited.

– Available in all languages (also available in Arabic).
– Intuitive and easy to use through full colour touch screen.
– Possibility PC controller, without software.
– Programer and screen guaranteed with working temperature up to 55 degrees Celsius ( possibility of up to 70 degrees Celsius).
– Possibility of remote assistance (subject to availability of internet connection).
– Possible extension (compartment expansion) according to future needs of customers.
– Possible remote control through customer mobile.

Weather station
– Wind speed.
– Wind direction.
– External relative humidity.
– Temperature.
– Radiation.
– Rain sensor.

Equipment control
– Through  temperature, CO2 and relative humidity sensors.
– Cooling system (controlled with relative humidity and temperature).
– Automatic aluminum screen for shade and energy saving.
– Ventilation (lateral and top window ventilation, controlled with relative humidity and temperature).
– Heating.
– CO2 control.
– Humidity sensor.
– Temperature sensor.
– Remove fans control.
– Fogging system.