file6761263248417Farm advisory

SIAP S. L. offers the possibility of hiring the direction of production, on-site or through our teleservice (programmer monitoring through remote control, farm advisory) with or without periodic visits to the project, according to customer needs.

Always engineers with a high degree of experience and commitment with our customers

Growers available during the period required by the customer

Advice from type of crop, variety to be planted, type of irrigation system

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our technical team, SIAP, SL advises our clients in

SIAP SL advises on the type of crop over his project, choice of varieties is adapted according to the weather and date of planting and harvesting, advising on crop production and management.

Marketing and Packing:
10 years of experience advising clients on marketing and an ideal presentation of the final product, ready for consumption under optimal conditions their insurance customers will appreciate.

A network of distribution and logistics is essential for selling products, ensuring project success. SIAP SL calculated for customers, flows volume of production and distribution, by type of crop and season. We provide our clients a study of transportation and necessary logistics to ensure the success of your farm