Shade Screen and Energy Saving

Automatic Screen for Shade and Energy Saving essential equipment for areas where cultivation and production throughout the whole year is required.

Screen Shadow-Energy Saving

Essential equipment for hot and cold climate areas to increase production and quality of horticultural products.

Facilitate adaption for new plant varieties in any climate, to modify conditions of light, humidity and temperature.

In winter, at night increases to 2.5 degrees Celsius greenhouse temperature without heating (energy saving)

Textil sheet made of polyester tapes with a thin layer of aluminum woven together with acrylic wire.

Screen 5 years guaranteed





Reduce energy production cost.

Increase profit 

Increase quality of vegetables and flowers

Technical specifications

• SCREENS: Shade and energy saving

• LIGHT TRANSMISSION: from 25% to 80%
• SHADE: 50% to 75%
• POWER SAVE: 45% to 65%
• WEIGHT: 80-85 g/m2
• WIDTH: 325-430-530cm
• LONG: According request.
• WARRANTY: 5 years.
• BLACK OUT SCREEN available