Equipment  developed and manufactured in our facilities

Fertigation machine Features

– Dosage of soluble fertilizer in relation to the EC in the water and/or by percentage, By volume (flow meter is neccesary).
– PH control of irrigation water.
– Ability to adapt to all types of facilities, flow and pressure.
– Available in all languages (also available in Arabic).
Intuitive and easy to use touch screen full colour.
– PLC Programmer with standard irrigation programs as much as customer needs (unlimited).
– Control valve , controller unlimited in valves of each program (standard).
– Minimum of 10 activations per day for each valve, by frecuency or demand with humidity probe according with media cultivation. By radiation and by weight.
– Radio, wifi, Gprs remote control open field solenoid valves.

– Can be connected to PC.
– Ability to download the historic irrigation (By CSV).
– Ability to control the filling of the tank irrigation.
– Pressure safety.
– Selector Valve (manual – stop – automatic ).
– Selectors fertilizer injector (manual on-off – automatic ).
– From 4 injectors to a number according to customer needs.
– Stainless steel 316 or aluminum bench.
– Digital controller guaranteed with working temperature up to 55 degrees Celsius ( possibility of up to 70 degrees Celsius).
–  Remote assistance.
– Possible extension (programs and valves ) according to future needs of customers.
– Flowmeter.
– Pressure sustaining Valve.
– Remote control through customer mobile, PC, tablet.



Standard Equipments

SIAP8V04+1 with following equipments (smallest fertigation machine)

Hardware (totally expandable, can be taylored)

  • 8 valves M-0-A in panel board, possibility to expand until 16 valves.
  • Control 2 pumps (1 stand by, M-0-A).
  • Mixing system for fertilizer tanks (M-0-A).
  • Outlet or inlet installation.
  • 3 fertilizer injector (250L/h).
  • 1 injector for pH Control.
  • Acid/base control.
  • Special pump for high visvosity fertilizer 100L/h.
  • Control Ec and pH (2 sensors).
  • Alarm EC and pH.
  • Digital over pressure control and alarm.
  • Automatic filtration backwash control.
  • Possibility to remote control through movil, tablet or PC.
  • Water level storage tank, and others.

Software (unlimited)

  • Fertilizer Formula recipe (unlimited as customer needs).
  • Programs (unlimited as customer needs).
  • Valves digital activations (unlimited as customer needs).
  • Data recording (excell sheet by CSV).
  • Possibility to remote control .
  • Teleservice.
  • No software for PC connection is neccesary.