New Fertigation Machine Plug and Play

General Features

*Ready assembly, only PLUG IN and start to work

*Shipment by air within 15 days

*Remote control through wifi

*Recommended for greenhouse Fertigation control, soil and hydroponic

*Suitable also to open field and/or all kind of irrigation system with fertilizer apply

* Technical support available By Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Email and Remote Control from Spain

*Increase your production and reduce cost

*Totally expandable in valves and fertilizer injectors

*Easy User manual and installation include

If you are interested in moore information push up to download pdf flyer

Structure support made in aluminum profile high resistance.

Irrigation and fertilizer SS centrifugal pump, up to 7,5kw power included

Irrigation valves control from 4 up to 16 units with switch M-0-A (Manual-Stop-Automatic).

Touch screen full color, intuitive and easy to program.

Fertilizer injector channels from 3 up to 6, include pH control.

EC and pH sensor for fertilizer control.

Possibility automatic filter control back wash up to 3 valves

Automatic mixing fertilizer

Standard irrigation by time, schedule, possibility to irrigate by volume and external sensor.

Possibility to Irrigation flow control

Safety system for overpressure in irrigation installation

Alarm for PH and fertilizer

Possibility to connect to weather station

Possibility to control through PC

Possibility to include Ozone system for soil disinfection and roots vegetables protection.