Automation Control System

SIAP S.L. Automation control system department, develope all automation system to control following greenhouse and poultry farm.

  • Mechanical ventilation (lateral and top windows ventilation)
  • Fooging system (Air-fog and High pressure system)
  • Cooling system (all types)
  • CO2 control
  • Heating system (Air heater and boiler system)
  • All type fertigation system (out door, indoor, remote control through radio, wifi), Hydroponic fertigation system control
  • Automatic shade and energy saving screen sytem
  • Inflate air double plastic film greenhouses

Due to the long experience in the field of automation systems controls, we offer the best and most reliable solution to automate any type of equipment.


All the projects realized, manufacturers and our facilities according to CE  regulations.

We automate all equipment related to greenhouses and poultry farm.

Developing taylored software according to our clients if neccesary.

Water treatment plant (industrial, RO plants, and wastewater plants)
Exhaust fans
Automatic Screens
Filling tanks
Well pumps (with sensor stop and start)
Probes level tanks and reservoirs
Security system pressure
System level security
Weather station