Designed to be easily moved indoors, making them the best solution for:

· Ventilation of workstations.

· The health sector (waiting rooms, corridors, rooms, field hospitals, common areas, clinics, pharmacies …).

· The commercial and industrial sector (offices, hotels, universities, schools, public institutions, warehouses, restaurant halls).

· Cold store,  and food processing áreas.

· The residential sector (single-family flats and houses).

· Recommended for any public space where high quality air purification is required as air purifiers are equipped with HEPAH14 high efficiency filters.

· Easy User manual and installation included

Main function Air Purifier

 Air purifiers are plug & play sets (no installation required) to convert any interior space into an environment free of contaminating particles and thus leave a much healthier air.

It is designed to reduce the viral load in the rooms due to the constant air renovations it carries out.

Reduction of dust particles, odors and contaminating microorganisms, creating a healthier environment.  Ideal for people with allergies and asthma.

Aside from a healthier work environment, our air purifiers reduce the need for cleaning by removing a large portion of the dust that is generated on a daily basis.

Double filtration stage with two ABSSOLUTE HEPA H14 filter packages and Molecular filter that in a matter of hours will reduce a large number of particles in the air such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, molecules, etc.

. Equipped with high-efficiency and quiet fans to guarantee low energy consumption.

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Constructive Features

High efficiency air purification unit in soundproof (soundproofed) structure in galvanized steel resistant to corrosion.

Heigth with wheels  (mm) 670975
Width (mm)412412
Length (mm)412412
Total Weigth (Kg)3050

Available in 2 motor versions (AC and EC) in two construction sizes:

· Up to 300m3 / h for interior spaces of up to 45m2. Power Consume (A) 1.08

· Up to 600m3 / h for interior spaces of up to 90m2. Power consumes (A) 1.28

· Single phase, 220-240V, 50-60 Hz